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Have We a Sea Serpent Among Us The Terrible Monster Seen at Vevay t And Meving Upon Cincinnati t

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LAWRENCEBURG, IND, January 10, 1878.

To the Editor of the Enqutrer: ) I am Master of the steamer Bilver Moon, and

while lving at the Vevay wharf, on the 8th inst.,

my attention was called to a singular object mov-

ing up the river ciose to the Kentucky shore. I

had no faith in the reports I had read of the ap-

pearance of the river monster, so graphically de- scribed in the newspapers, but I am now convi: ced of the actual existence of the terrible beast. Atone time it reared its bead high above the surface of the water in the manner of the sea lions at the Zoologicsl Garden of your city. The long beak, the slimy mane, and the extreme serpentine length of the animal answer exactly to the previous descriptions that have been published. As the nondescript dived under the surface before I could call my mate to examine it, and as it was moving in the direction of Cincinnati, I feel satisfied that other river men in the vicinity will soon have an opportunity of seeing the supposed myth that has caused so much terrur to other eye-witnesses. | would sugxest the employment of your Gatling eun along the banks of the river for a few days, and it is prubable the beast can be destroyed and fits body captured. Will the Academy of Natural Sciences take the affair in hand? Respectfully, JOHN DAVIDSON.

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio) · 11 Jan 1878, Fri · Page 4