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When dealing with apocryphal writings mysticism and Gnosticism you must be very cautious Demons

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When dealing with apocryphal writings; mysticism and Gnosticism, you must be very cautious. Demons have “air-dropped,” their propaganda throughout history in order to create unwitting accomplices to their own diabolical strategies. Just like in physical war, you can learn about the enemy’s strategy by looking at their propaganda, but you must be absolutely founded in truth, so as not be be lead astray by material whose sole purpose is to be persuasive. We, as Christian warriors, must never let our practices become based on pragmatism. Spiritual warfare is (even more so than physical warfare) based in deceit. Just because a method works,…it does not make it true, nor healthy. It may simply be an example of the demonic luring you from a strong position (the Truth) with a feigned retreat. History of warfare is lousy with examples of this very tactic being applied successfully. why do we persist in thinking of spiritual enemies’ as somehow playing by different rules?

After all, let us not forget, the little girl in Acts who was able to divine the future. It worked. she managed to make her keepers quite a lot of money. if Paul has fallen to pragmatism, he would have assumed that she was a prophet.