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Ohio River "Monster" Attacks Boy 1922

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. Ohio River “Monster” Attacks Boy

doe Selmmank, of 313 Front street, had a thrilling encounter with an amphibian reptiie » short time uge while out canoeing with bis younger brother Eddie, and his playmate, Claretiee Scheffler. At the time the boys weve drift- mg traseilly down the Ohle river. Joe Schmank wis dream-

ily reclining at the hedm of the craft gxring In peacefal shiivion

“hideous ercaturs.

xt the fleecy clouds drifting over the Kentucky mountains, - Find deitly frem the depths of the wa- ter there leaped a strange and It alighted upan the tender sunbumed neek of the startled Joe. who leaped to his feet and plunged Inte the wa- ter, preferring » watery grave to ong {rom the tetmcions eltitchen of the dreaded monster. . Mis

companions ‘pulled’ bin in, after

be had wihersmd the wonster.

Esewitnesses of ihe affair. told

Joe that the reptile was a young menobranchus, of the genus Nee- turyis maculaive, commonly

known as the water dog. dee,

however, maintains that # wsa a. slant devil fish, of the pelsonens,

bload sucking, salt water species,

rarely found in these pits.

Portsmouth Daily Times (Portsmouth, Ohio) · 14 Jul 1922, Fri · Page 2