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River Monster Takes Stroll on Bridge 1959

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Driver Swears It Happened:

River Monster Takes Stroll on Bridge

Eye witness snlbansist that an inde scrihable” monster is hobbing around plavfully in Greater Cinannati rivers and streams,

A rellow who savs he’s Ya scientist working on things out of this world™ says he was dovime across the Lacking River Friday mornime when “something leaped on the bridge.”

TC was Jarge. not a dog ar oa oeat. It Teaped in front of mv ear and an (wo legs was tatler than the atta, When 1 looked back 1m my mirror, it was moving along the brdue ral.

a] |

“It was three or tor Limes the size of a man and much bulkier. | have an eve and a mind for dimensions and 1

know it was huge”

A YOUNG EADY daims she spotted the thing in a crees whieh flows into the Ohio River near the Pro Thomas pumping station: owas ihe an octopus, HE came up and then went down.”

An lavearold phoned The Post and Times-Star to ask if the green men really are coming out of the river in groups of 12, as is teacher sand they were.

A woman pulled to the curb Saturday




Stroll on

and yelled to a reporters “We saw that thing this morning Now vou gonna put my name on the paper and call me a crack pot”


ster al vanious points Howed an Prday to pobce of Cineinnatn, New Richmond and Clermont and Hamilton Counties,

Hamilton County otheers spent twa Liours “chasing phosts™ along the Ohio and Little Miami Rivers, |

Street hights went out in parts of eastern Cimacinnaty about the time of the reports, adding to the eeriness, But the

Cinannatl Gas & Electric Ca. explained itowas a power balure caused hy heavy wind

Police Saturday stad the phone ¢alls have ended The monster left town.” ~atd Station Xoo The Henndton County dis: pitcher fieures that “people have quit drmbane hae tone”

The man who’d hike most to believe in the monster’s reality is Pepper Wilson, general manager ol the Cinemnati Rovals, wha’ve had a less than sensational hase Kethall season,

“I rhat thing is over eight feet tall,” Pepper commented, “we’re interested.”

The Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, Ohio) · 31 Jan 1959, Sat · Page 2