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SNAIX 1882

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An Authentic Tale of a Monster in War. ren Conuty—Remnrkiable Capers of the Repiile—A Whole Neighborhood Alarmed.


this ts an old-settled neighvorhood, and the primitive snakex, in the main, have long since disappenred, except the black, garter and rattlesnake, and occasionally some of oihier epecies, we are once in a while greeted with tue report ol sorue mouster of this un- eanny tribe.

Kor several years it has been reported that the track of one above the town, of unusual aize, had, on different occasions, been seen in the dust, where it/bad crossed the pike. This report made the timid fearful, while the gen- eral:ty of the people did not seem to fearor eare apy thing about it; and it has becn re. served until yesterday to develop one of the most remarkable specimens ever seen, in or out ofl snake season, aud lie story tlheraof is so well authenticated that the more increda- lous of the neighborhood on big snake stories are forced at last to lend an aitentive ear.

About one intle north of this place is a little village eailed C(rosswicks, in which several oolored families reside. Among the rest is John Lynch, who has two boys, Ed and Joe, aged respectively thirteen and eleven years, These boys were aj a nmall creck on the south side of the village, fishing, yesterday. After siting on tha bank a short time they heard quite a stir wmong some old reeds, grass and brush behind them, and, on looking round, they saw a huge monster approaching them rapldly. Tuey sereamed, and, paralyzed al-

mist with horror, started to rut, when the

snake, or whatever It might be-~for they

Dever saw aught like iV before -came close

up to the older one, and suddenly

thrmwing out two long arms, or fgre legs, seized the boy in ts slimy ena- brace, siniuitaneously produeing two more legs, sbout four teet long, from some nmiystertous hiding-place in {ta body, and dragged the Loy some one bundred yardsdown the creek (0 a large sycamore, twenty-six feet in diameter at the base, hollow, and with

a large opening in one stde. Through this

aperture the monster attempted to enter with

the boy, who by this time was almost dead with fright and unable © make any resist- ~ ance, - . i

Three men—vix.,, Rev. Jacob Horn, George Peterson and Allen Jordan—were Quarrying stone a short disiance anove where the boys were Osbing, and, hearing thelr screnms and seeing the creature yanking one of, hurried! in an attempt to fescue the child, They reached the tree soon afiér the snake, who, failing in its Arst attempt to drug the boy into his den, became alarmed, probably at the out- crive made by its pursuers, unfastened ite horrible fangs and dropped the more than halt-dead child to the carih. The little fels low was picked up and carried home, and Dr, L.C. Lukens, of Waynesvile, summoned to allend nim.

In the afternoon about sixty men, armed with clubs, dogs, axes, &c., gathered arouud

’ the wycamore-tree and concluded to cutit iv down and destroy its fearful teuwant. They \ an cutting, when, becoming alarmed fore : bissafely, the formidable snuke leaped from . the aperture, threw out ils fore and hind legs, 7 erected itself sbout twelve or fourteen fect. . And, with the velocity of a race Lora, crowned the creck and ran up a small hill, climbed © over u rail fence, breaking it down, and, con. « Bnoing north a mie, followed by the pursu- 1 @rs, ualll he reachied a tole in 8 large hill an- © der wn heavy ledge of rocks. Some of the men : spa dogs werewso terrified at whe beast’s first I" appearance that they only* thought of getting oul of the way. But the braver portion foi- ; lowed uatj! the frightful thing made good ~. hin retreat underneath the ground, oo : _ Jt wil) beswatched for sud killed if poasi. , bie. 1t is described as being trom thirty to .furty feel long. sixteen inches in diameter, and the legs tour feel long. and covered wlth scalcs the sane as the body. Feel about twelve Inches long, and shaped ‘like a lis- © guard’s, of black and white coior, with largs, { yellow spots. Head abouil sixteen inches .-wide, with » long, black, forked tongue, and - the mouth inside deep red. The hind legs appeared to be used 10 give It an erect posi- tion, and ita propelling power is in its wail. Dr. Lukens raid this morning that the boy, bis patient, was badly bruised ahd seratched, horribly frightened, and ilial he lay in con- vulsious and spasms until threso’e this morning, when he fell asleep, but freq tly wakened with tright and terror. Yet the Yocor thinks he wili recover in a few : The foregoing is vouched for by the persons whose namus are given above, and maby more gan be given if necessary, the material pot i having been furnished your eorre-

emt by Judge J. W. Keys, one of our oldest and most influential citizens.

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio) · 29 May 1882, Mon · Page 2