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UGH! Ohio River Monster 1893

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An Ohio River Monster

The Horrified Moonlight, Re « sgers Sayeth Not. | TF

Lit They Kew 1a Tot Toon




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the Critter, . a

There Was Ten Feet of I, Wik a

Mengter Head and Hideous, : hg

W Gleaming, Bulging Eyes—The’ Peaple .; Who Saw It Are All Known i - For Verscity, >

/ ¥ SPECIAL BMSPATOW ve YRS BNQUIAWE, Ti We Panxsnsnvme, W, Vi. Jaly L—Boatiny = parties from this city to Blennerusssett | Island. two miles below. and Neal’s lsiand. ~ about the same distances adave; have Bren - very povular with the veung folxs of this city uatil within the past few davs, since when they Lave gone Into lnaecuous desnetude. and all on scesunt of seme : marine horrer which recently discovered fer] itself. 10 the me small terror of the youss isdies and young geutiomes. A few nights Fi ako a sucial ciab of young felks which bd

visited the shores of Meal’s laisnd and :


To this city 1: Lhe wntoyment ol a beantifal @

moonlight and pleasant conversation whea suddeniy 8 monstrous submarine animsi sp serpent. with an idmmense head and staring. bulging sven. silently oatrd to thie rurisce of the water near the sit], soltly and smeothiy 9 gliding alongside. ‘Ibe occupants of the bast were neither anthrapelogists nor archmoin- gs mista, They didu’trowafier the object which A Hoated 11a leuzth of tem feet almost within reach of their oars. and they dlun’t threw ! 5

ES i

uut the painter tnsave it {rou 8 walery grave, but they struck for home, ROWING AT A RATR Which would have struck a Yale or Har © Bi vard crow with envy. When they aut Ww ? town the boys were ail arated snd the rire: { hysterical. but ail of them told the same ! fl story. and aut isughod at for their pains. lu 5 LJ

fact. evervbady gave them the lauszh, 5 thoagh avery mea ber of the party stuck re- Timreusly to thelr stories, Frarybedy e1nept 3 the particivants of that boss ride brid] ol U.e 37 cinnfon that the story was a put up Job, al- § though the young peoste any, weil Known 3; mew bere-of the beet society, Hut wight be 77 lore last anntlier Dosting party. which 2 oun- 5 sisted of four young genticmecn lad en, £2 who are thureugnly reliable. cul vated pour $0 ple. haa » little LL veriruce in the mme neighborhood woic) . canmor po POCU-POOH ED

Or laughed at aa a joke. They saw the same smuligiona monster and at nearly the same 3 spot. They were yJowlug along near the i

upper intand ianghing, smiogiug and enjunng 2 thviuaelves ecotatioaliy, when a8 Lume sere pent-like form, of which eixh} or ten tact in | lengtly wos reen. shot ii, bisck jengih sbove the ripphihg water snd uae sinuscs 3

overuent ciuse by the road and 11s eyes wure Jeg-i| Soren ecting, (Le animal, serpent, or whntever & 4 made te way acroes Lie how of the skiff, crossing from one side the Tiger to the i’ uther. Every oecubant of that BAW THE UVOLY hat st Flainly: too plalair and distinetty for th r nervous systems. They cinn’t way to esine vale & hesrer scqualiitance, us they hada’s [3 the


lost any mer-serpenl. and then they adn i time, Business of importance ven andes u immediate attention of the young nien in tee city. and the girlie’ papas and n.ammss en- 2 Joined them Ww return esriy. [vs true 1pe = young nen rowed so IWLLY aud aCergelio-

ally that they bh 8in. Gt reacted Hienners ¢ Lassett Inland bu-fore they wera aware thas 3 they had passed the city. but such slight abesnt-mindedness 1s excusable uacer the 4: circumstances,

F.very wember of the two Parties. awsome wort *

or AREORMAL “exxation, Whether a sep serpent or not, aug not @ them is tellin a yarn or drawinr on or = jmagination when they tell the story hey . ul] maw semetling which they describe as above,

Whatever It is. the object iv at lenst ton feet lung. black in cular, with eyes larger then thuse of a big doy. and it gliaes throtigh the water witli an ease and rat: diy imipone sibie so ary common species of tial snake, mocial pbuating clubs will be at a big discoun untii the terrib eo greature is killed. capiuy or run out of the river, De above slurry uo figment, but an actual, bona fide fact, U

” —

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio) · 2 Jul 1893, Sun · Page 17