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A comic that chronicles those things I wish to learn about making comics In this way it is a livi

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A comic that chronicles those things I wish to learn about making comics. In this way, it is a living thing, much like The Artist’s Wife.

A village boy, in a secluded village, wants to be a storyteller.

He is made fun of by the other kids in the village who all want to train to be warriors.

Later that night, one of the boys secretly tell the first boy that he once went to the storyteller to learn from him, but he failed the man’s test. He thinks he had too much difficulty in completing the task he was given.

He seeks the advice and blessing of the elder storyteller. The elder says he will teach him, but he must first fetch a nut for him, a magical nut.

The elder has placed the nut in such a way, that the person sent to retrieve it will have to go to some trouble to retrieve it.

The boy finds it, and is able, with some difficulty, to retrieve it. When he returns, the elder asks him to tell him how he got the nut.

The boy tells him he found it where the elder said it would be, and brought it back. The elder tells him that was not the boy’s story, that was the story he told the boy, and if the boy had nothing of his own to add to the tale he wouldn’t make a very good storyteller.

The elder tells him to go and get trained as a warrior.

The boy does so, and learns quite a bit through the process.

Later, the boy realizes that all of it was part of the test to become a storyteller. He had to live life before he would be qualified to become a storyteller.