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Two people talking about religion One person says to the other One thing that has just always bo

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Two people talking about religion. One person says to the other, “One thing that has just always bothered me, as it seems so unrealistic, we’ve got this really moral God, Jesus, and somehow wine small group of people manage to get him killed. I just don’t see that happening.”

The other one tells him the story that is told in symbolism with three groups of people those of the top represent those in power making and collecting money. Those that they give small amounts of money to in order to talk to the huge group that is left over. Then the group that is given even smaller amounts of money and love the little scraps that they get. Then out of their minutes one person stands up and starts to point out the corruption that is going on. Then those in the middle tell them must tell the group stories and turn everyone’s mind against the one man.

You see, it is just like America. We fall in line, to make others rich. We believe the media, and we “kill the prophets”.