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Just thought I should make a note about a possible long term comics project As I seem to continual

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Just thought I should make a note about a possible long-term comics project. As I seem to continually (slowly. monumentally slowly.) work toward re-working some of my poems as comics, I can’t help but think about the extreme-distant-future possibility of combining a few of these poems together as a graphic novel.

I’m leaning toward calling it Pocketful of Poesy, because, despite the effeminacy, it is fitting,

  1. because the archaic meaning of the term “poesy,” meant a metrical poem, or short, pithy saying (often with rhyme)
  2. the nursery rhyme, that phrase comes from has awesome metaphorical suggestions in it, relating the “posies,” the children carried in their pockets to ward off the scent if death, to those (admittedly, ancient, but some if my favorite) uses of poetry, as a nepenthe against death. Or,…at the very least, as something that addresses the grander themes in life, using the commonplace.