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As I was listening to R C Sproul teaching in the message Only Two Worldviews from his series

·2 mins

As I was listening to R.C. Sproul teaching in the message. Only Two Worldviews, from his series, “Ultimate Issues,” I got an idea for a short comic. This idea would only work visually, I feel. It is based on Sproul’s statement (of truth) that we can not live of the borrowed capital of conflicting worldviews. Logic and consistency demands that atheism demands an all-encompassing loss of hope.

A man or woman is placing pegs upright on the ground, with each peg he/she espouses a value that they hold; a value that our nation has espoused and defends everyday. i.e.. “I believe in an honest wage for an honest day’s labor,” “I believe we all deserve freedom,…” blah blah blah. The main points are the 3 “non-negotiable” tents upon which our county is founded, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Once he/she is done setting up the pegs, a brutish man walks up with a hammer, and refutes her/his reasoning for believing in each one of the things they espoused. As he does, he swings the hammer, knocking down each one of the pegs. When he comes to the last, he refutes the main point, the claim to any kind of “human dignity,” and knocks the peg down. The final panel is a wide shot of the silhouettes of the scene theta has just transpired, with people being hung from nooses, and the the original man/woman weeping, with the brutish man standing over her. The pegs that held the condemned people laying scattered on the ground. The title could be something like, “Permission”.