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Perhaps in thinking of my sketchbook as a living or at least changing textbook it is tim

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Perhaps, in thinking of my sketchbook as a living (or, at least changing) textbook, it is time to change my focus, in my daily sketches. Not that I would be discarding everything I’ve learned up until this point, but it seems that what I am concentrating on learning has matured. Though there is room for 2 or 3 hour, tightly-rendered drawings, if I truly want to think of my drawings as “vehicles for creative storytelling,” then I should focus on movement and expressiveness of line, while not neglecting things like proportion and realism. That is to say, more “cartoonish,” more line as opposed to crosshatching and tone. If I could simplify my value scale to 3-steps, I think I would be good to go here. Line (or white), full-black, and mid-gray.