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Learning art as in learning most things tends to be a process of juggling multiple concepts at

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Learning art, as in learning most things, tends to be a process of juggling, multiple concepts at once. You can not learn only proportion, then move on to perspective. You can not learn gesture, then get a grasp on line, or value. Color theory, composition, anatomy, perspective, movement, proportion, etc. All of these must be addressed, (at least in a passing fashion) while at the same time, focusing on the specific element you are applying yourself to learn.

Juggling is an apt metaphor, for in moving from juggling 3 balls, to juggling 4 balls the practitioner is really learning three 1 concepts:

  1. Juggling 3 balls

  2. Juggling 1 additional ball

  3. and juggling 4 balls

He does not forget, nor usurp the information and ability he has already mastered; he simply adds to it.

  1. at least ↩︎