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Bible Reading - Philemon 1

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Philemon 1

Bible Reading
NotesA very short, one-chapter, letter to Philemon. Written when Paul was imprisoned in Rome, it follows one plea to Philemon, to accept Onesimus, a bondservant, or slave, of Philemon’s who had run away, back, not as a slave, but rather as a brother in Christ. It is pretty straight to the point. Paul first praises Philemon’s love and faith. Then Paul says that though he could command what he asks, he would rather entreat Philemon, since he is certain that he will exceed even that which Paul asks. Further, Paul asks that any wrong that Onesimus had caused Philemon, to be charged to Paul’s account, even though Philemon is indebted to Paul, even for his own self. (v.19) After making his point, Paul sends the greetings of those with him, 1 Epaphras, Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, and Luke. 2

  1. Almost as of to lend credence to what he is asking of Philemon. ↩︎

  2. it is interesting to note that these men are included differently, and in a different capacity than Timothy, who is mentioned along with Paul as an author of the letter (v.1) ↩︎