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Bible Reading - Titus 1

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Titus 1

Bible Reading
NotesA letter from Paul to Titus. Paul begins by stating the purpose for which Paul left Titus in Crete, to put what remained into order, by appointing elders to help maintain the churches throughout Crete. Paul lists off the ideal qualifications for an elder, 1 but then spends the remainder of the chapter expressing the reason for the qualifications 2 so that they could teach sound doctrine and rebuke those who departed from the truth. 3 Paul is very concerned over the Judaizers, and the damage they’ve done.

  1. These are all rather pragmatic qualifications which would keep the elder above reproach↩︎

  2. Especially the qualification of being above reproach and of holding fast to the truth as they received it↩︎

  3. Basically, Paul wants the elders to be above reproach from the outside world, so that the elders could do the rebuking of the falsehoods. ↩︎