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Bible Reading - 1 Timothy 2

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1 Timothy 2

In order to get back into the swing of things, I plan on reading through 1 Timothy twice. This first time through I’m going to try to stick to absolute minimalistic notes.

Bible Reading
NotesPaul talks about praying for all People, giving thanksgiving even for non-christian leaders (v.1–8). Paul specifically asks that he desires all men everywhere to pray. 1 Then, he follows this with specific instructions for the women, calling on them to be most, and adorn themselves with good works rather than outward adornment, and saying that women should not exercise authority over a man. Women were created second, and the woman was deceived. This is a very, very, very, unpopular view today. The equal but different roles for man and woman taught in the pages of Scripture, is hated by both men and women today.

  1. It is true that Paul could be talking about mankind, but I’m not sure that fits in this context since he then follows this with specific instructions for women. If Paul is specifically asking the men to pray,…it is interesting. It is obvious that All Christians are called to pray, but, here, specifically, Paul seems to be calling on the men. ↩︎