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Daily Summary

Daily Summary
Did I work today?No
I worked on
Did I relax?No
What I learned
Other Notable Events/ThoughtsDecided to skip Clark State. I took my assessment test for Sinclair. I had to write an essay between 300 and 600 words answering the question, “Is it more important for people to adhere to guidelines in an attempt to “fit in,” or to live according to their unique differences?” I answered that the question presents a false dichotomy, as both are important to the successful functioning of society. I supported the ideal of different but equal, and many but one, by citing three examples: The United States (E Plurbus Unum), Jesus’ example of one body; many parts (can the eye say to the hand, I have no need of thee?), and the idea and word university (unity in diversity) of bringing together many different disciples to create one curriculum. Now, all that remains is financial aid, advising, and registering for classes. It appears I may actually be doing it this time. The rest of the day, we went to Newport Aquarium.
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