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I ve come to a decision I m taking a week long break from drawing The reasoning is two fold 1 I

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I’ve come to a decision. I’m taking a week-long break from drawing. The reasoning is two-fold, 1) I’ve wasted too much time that I should have been working on work. Today is the perfect example of that. And 2) it will serve as an interesting experiment. I was encouraged just a bit ago, to see that I seemed to really overflow with technique and creativity when I started drawing after my week-long absence when I was on vacation. This made me wonder if artists improve in the resting periods the same way someone who exercises must rest to enjoy the benefit of their exertion.

I will not draw again until August 4th. During that time, I will focus, instead, on getting ahead at work. What I will do, related to art, is plan my next drawing with much more care than I have been. I will pay attention to composition, and choose my reference very carefully. I will also spend a few moments each day looking at the reference, and drawing the image in my mind.

I’m so serious about taking this break, that I have decided to leave my backpack and drawing supplies at home until Monday, August 4th.

We will see on August 4th whether taking a break from drawing has had a positive effect.