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On and off I ve been reading the book Daily Rituals by Mason Currey Wherein he details as muc

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On and off, I’ve been reading the book Daily Rituals by Mason Currey. Wherein, he details (as much as is possible) the daily rituals of creative and productive individuals of the past couple hundred years.

Not that I actually think anyone should like to have this kind of information about me, but it did strike me that the only way Mason was able to glean much of this information was from journal entries, correspondence, and biographies. So, it comes into my mind to, at least, preserve the faintest notions of my own daily rituals. Perhaps in so doing, I might offer encouragement to my children, or my grandchildren, yet unborn, who might become tempted to think, as I have done on quite a few occasions, “There is just not enough time in the day.”

I’m not dogmatic about this schedule, and so, miss the mark a some points, but the main tendencies are thus:

During the summer, my schedule goes quite out the window, because I have nothing to keep me accountable to getting up early, except the waking of the boys. However, during the school year, I wake between 6:00 am and 6:30 to wake Amelia up, and start her eating breakfast. Then, I get on my phone, and enter the drawing in SaveUp. 1 Then, I check my Pocket articles, 2 and quickly check RSS and Email, sorting things for later. Emphasis here is on quickly. I finish this in no more than five minutes.

Afterward, I wake Andrea to do Amelia’s hair, and finish getting her ready to leave. I take a shower. If I shave in the shower, it is probably a 20 min. ordeal. If, however, I’m working from home, 3 I can take a shower without shaving in about 10 min.

After that, I leave to take Amelia to school between 7:20 and 7:30 am. After dropping her off, I go through the Tim Horton’s drive-thru and buy two, extra-large coffees. Typically this lasts me the entire day, though I might buy another over lunch.

When I get to work, either at the library, or at home, my first order of business is to start up my computer. While it is starting, I draw for 30 min. I like to do this first thing in the working day, because it gets it off my mind, and already sets me in the “getting things done” mindset.

After drawing for 30 min., I read through my RSS feeds and Email more carefully, saving those articles I think I would like to read later, and taking action on those items that need my attention. This usually takes an hour or so.

I then, read my Bible. This is sometimes reversed in order with the reading of my RSS and Email.

Then, I begin working at my job with a will. Each day I have, at least, one programming task I would like to finish. This is the first thing I tackle, and I typically stay with it until it is complete, or until I hit a point I can not overcome. This usually happens around 2:00.

Then, I typically take a 30 min. lunch, over which I read my RSS and Email once again.

Lunch complete, I either try tackling the problem that stumped me before lunch, or, if my one task is done, I do my math homework for school.

When this is done, I work on misc. work tasks, and prepare for tomorrow’s project until it is time to leave.

When I arrive home, I eat dinner, and take part in whatever tasks the evening has for us. I typically help clean the house, and bathe the boys for bed.

Sometime before, or immediately after they go to sleep, I read my books for history and Java.

Other tasks and homework are squeezed in wherever they may be. I’m tired by 9, but I’m typically in bed by midnight. Andrea and I sometimes stay up in bed and watch a show together. I rub her feet whilst she rubs my back.

  1. An app that does a drawing for $2,000,000.00 every month. I do not play the lotto, but this is somewhat like a free version. I get three entries a day, so I feel I might as well use the entries. ↩︎

  2. An application where I save articles I would like to read later ↩︎

  3. Which I do this year on Tuesdays and Thursdays ↩︎