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I have decided once again not to do any drawing today I know I m coming right down to the wi

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I have decided, once again, not to do any drawing today. I know I’m coming right down to the wire, if I hope to complete my goal of 100 drawings in a year. (I have until November 4th, and right now my drawing count sits at 94 [very few of which, I’m happy with, I might add.]) However, I feel responsibilities at work and school must take some precedence. I am nearing the same ”one-year point” and about the same number of drawings, as I did with poetry a couple years ago, and I got burnt out. I don’t foresee the same thing happening with drawing, but I feel that a change in direction might be in order. I’m never going to be a “fine” artist, so to speak, so I need to place the focus on my drawings into narrative forms. Though, (if this past year has taught me anything) it will not be perfect, and will probably fall far short of even what I desire for it, I feel like my time would be better spent drawing even the short comics I’ve begun scripting.

Still,…I’d like to finish out my current sketchbook before moving in that direction exclusively. Probably sometime in the middle of 2015, if my current pace continues.