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·1 min

Daily Sketch #

1 hour 15 min. This is done. It’s not horrible for my first (honestly,…ever, unless I can think way back to one or two assignments when I was in OIP&T) charcoal drawing. Charcoal is a completely different beast than graphite. In addition to being a lot more messy, it is probably a lot more like paint. it never quite felt like it was really set. It was easy to move the pigment around with a blending stump, (or my fingers) and lighten, or lift altogether, the pigment with the kneaded eraser. The whole time, it just kind of felt like I was pushing around a mess, and the end result looks like something a high school student could have produced. It’s not so horrible as to be worthless,…but it has also sealed in the fact that I much prefer graphite. Total time 2 hours 11 min.