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Sermon Notes

·2 mins

Sermon Notes #

Luke 16:19–31 #

Romans 1:18–20 #

Notes: #

That’s a Great Question? #

If God is God, why doesn’t He just show up and let us know He exists #

  • God did show up, as Christ
  • An illustration from Carl Sagan The Dragon in my Garage
  • False assumptions about wanting to “see” God
  • if God appeared, faith would no longer be needed
  • If God did show up, we would require proof
  • In any relationship, faith is needed
  • If God appeared, we would recognize Him
  • Moses, Samuel, Elijah, these are examples of those who did not recognize the presence of God
  • Throughout history, God HAS manifested Himself, yet we have failed to recognize Him (Romans 1:18)

4 Ways God has made Himself known #

  • conscience

  • inner search for meaning

  • the universality of justice and law

  • creation itself and existence

  • Why doesn’t God show up

  • based on Scripture, some suggestions:

  • Freedom (His refusal to overwhelm us with proofs, even to the point of crucifixion.) (Phillip Yancy called this the miracle of restraint, God’s refusal to overwhelm us to the point where we had no choice but to believe.)

  • Desire (to be deeper in relationship, not surface. How many times did Jesus show things about Himself and yet, those closest to Him did not accept it. Jesus says He doesn’t want just anyone to believe, but those who will love Him)

  • Mystery ( His incomprehensible nature, even if we saw Him we wouldn’t know )

  • Indifference (The rich man and Lazarus, “they will not believe even if one returned from the dead.”) (Lucifer saw God, yet he still rebelled. The problem is rebelliousness, not lack of seeing.)