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A large family in a huge sprawling house The dad who is odd and a little too intense for childre

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A large family in a huge, sprawling house. The dad who is odd, and a little too intense for children. His kids are quiet. Told through the eyes of a boy who relates what he sees as he gets to know this odd family. He is torn between two sides. This family, and their obsession with a household, hair cutting station called “the liberty at the four posts.” And a voice he hears in his head from an old totem pole in the woods. The old totem pole seems very upset at the idea of the boy getting a haircut from one of the old devices at the “4 posts.”

The boy is perplexed one day when he hears another boy on the streets, dad, ask one of the strange family’s young children an adult question he could never know the answer to.

It was a very odd dream, one that seems like it might make a good book, if I could make sense of it myself.