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Bible Reading - Genesis 12:10–20

·1 min

Bible Reading #

Genesis 12:10–20 #

Notes: #

The stories of Genesis were to remind the hearers who they were and whose they were

Even when I falter, God is faithful #

  1. Observation
  • What do we see?
  • There is a famine in the land that God promised, so he went to Egypt.
  1. Interpretation
  • What does this mean?
  • Why did God’s spirit prompt Moses to included this episode in the story of Abram?
  • What would this story have meant to the original audience? (Recently freed slaves)
  • There are quite a few similarities between Abram who when to Egypt because of a famine, was sent out from Egypt enriched because of plagues on the house of pharaoh.
  • Two things to realize:
  • My heroes are ordinary people
  • God keeps His promises
  1. Application
  • So what?

  • Some questions must be answered by the way you live your life

  • When answering a question with your life your habits must align with your objectives.

  • The question this episode prompts is the most basic step:

  • “Do I trust God?”

  • This is a question that has a thousand faces

  • That must be answered at the deepest level

  • That must be answered repeatedly

  • The Blank Check:

  • I give God permission to accomplish His purposes in my life regardless of the cost.