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BIS Consultant Pitch

·3 mins

What I’m looking for: #

After speaking with some individuals that have more experience with GIS than I do, and hearing Kenneth’s voice mail asking some of the same questions I was hearing from these individuals, it seems I may need to get some more basic information before I’m able to move forward with the mapping portion of my project. I’m going to have to take the time to trace each one of the Modern-day properties back to the correct time period. Since this is, potentially, a huge time-sink, and a very expensive proposition, I’d like to see if I could harness your deed expertise to trace 2 properties back to the correct time period, and to have you take a more “teach a man to fish” approach with what I’m looking for with the deliverable.

The Deeds would still come from the Rockwall County ROAM website. What I would be looking for would be the full deed chain for 2 properties (Property ID 63844, Property ID 11455), extending back to Feb. 5 1920. It would also be helpful if notes could accompany each one of the “steps” backward in time, highlighting some of the caveats, and reasons for selecting the given deeds.

(click on image for map):

These are the attributes I have for the listed properties:

11455114552016PIARCAGE 205 INVESTMENTS LLC237.756A0133SRWGRWA0133 K LATHAM, TRACT 69, ACRES 237.75669A013335663400356634010-May0133-0000-0069-00-0RFM54812639 REEDER RDFORNEYTX75126011/1/064815255
63844638442016DR HORTON - TEXAS LTD4.258N3382SRWGRWCHISHOLM RANCH ESTATES, BLOCK E, LOT 12, ACRES 4.25812S3382119220349780469000E10-May3382-000E-0012-00-0R261CHISHOLM RANCHDRTX4306 MILLER RDROWLETTTX7508808/19/14201411861

Basically, I don’t have a lot of experience working with land records, and I know that there is a lot involved in deciphering how they chain together. I’m hoping that if I’m able to leverage the expertise of someone who is more knowledgeable about the subject, that I will be able to cobble the rest together in a more intelligent way. Then, I can present these final deeds with their legal descriptions to you for the map-making.

Would something like this be possible? Once again, thank you for your time.