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BIS Pitch

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What I’m looking for: #

I’m interested in the land ownership of a very specific bit of land, (2–4 square miles, about 2 Miles southeast of present day McClendon-Chisholm) at a very specific point in time (The date of the 1920 Census in that area, February 5, 1920).

Please see image below:

This roughly equates to this area from Rockwall GIS data (click on image for map):


A shape file of my interested area can also be downloaded here ≈4Kb

Resources #

Deeds #

All historical deeds for the county are available through the Rockwall County ROAM website.

Original Land Owner Shapefiles #

All GLO Original Land Owner shape files are available from the TNRIS website

Deliverable #

I would like all of the landowners for the specified area, for the specified date in ESRI shape file format (polygons) with the following attributes:

ACREAGE (numerical area in acreage)

LABEL (character, name of grantee on deed)

INST (numerical instrument number)

DATE (date on instrument)

for example:
0240RA Williams (MF Williams)189500777061971910-02-13