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visual motifs

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Green is associated with healing and life. (NO liquids or shades of green to the skin!!)

Red is associated with danger, death, and anger

Black is cloistered security. Hiding.

White is open. Exposed.

The red and green traffic light. Be sure to associate the family walking across the street with the green light.

In the diner, during the denouement, the napkin should be white, and her clothing should be green, wiping the red of the blood away. At some point he removes the black leather jacket, revealing the missing arm. Almost no shadow.

During the scene where he is considering killing himself, almost everything is red, work green into the visual of the phone.

In the opening scene, everything is eclipsed in harsh light. Lots of shadows. (Think Steve Huston paintings)

In the locker room, lots of red. Maybe green gym bag, but this might be confusing in other scenes.

In the bar,…lots of shadows.

The doctors office lots of green.